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December 20, 2012
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"You what?" Alfred screamed and nearly spit out his hamburger.  "Yeah, I'm a vegetarian," you replied coolly. "How?! Meat is so yummy, bro!" Alfred retorted while digging into his succulent Big Mac. He thought you were crazy. How could anyone reject meat?!  

You just shrugged and walked to the kitchen, looking for things to eat that weren't filled with meat. Luckily, you found some potato chips and started to munch on them.  Alfred stared at you, still in shock.  If you weren't Matthew's best friend, then he would have dragged you to McDonald's and made you try everything there. Of course, that wasn't the only reason. He thought you were attractive too. When Alfred first met you, he thought you were Matthew's girlfriend and was extremely jealous. Imagine the heart attack of joy he had when he learned you weren't.

Alfred stared his burger, immersed in his thoughts. He was about to make a very rash decision.  Was it worth it? Well, if it won you over, then it was.  "Hey, (Name), do you want your Christmas present early?" Alfred asked casually. You shrugged nonchalantly and replied "Sure." Alfred paused a bit for dramatic effect and then said, "I will…be a vegetarian for 1 month. No meat and no McDonald's for one month." You almost choked your chips with laughter. Confusion was etched on Alfred's face. This was clearly not the reaction he expected. "What?! You think the hero can't do it?" he retorted to your laughter.

After you had calmed down, you spoke. "No, I don't, as a matter of fact because burgers contain meat and burgers are your oxygen. How do you think you're gonna live without them?" Alfred said, "Easy bro, I'll just live off of soda for the month!" You facepalmed. Matthew wasn't joking when he said that Alfred wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box. "No, you can't. You'll die. So, what's Plan B, Captain America?" Alfred blushed at your nickname for him and responded, "…Fine. Why don't you tell me what you eat? I'll just eat that for the month."  "Good deal. You sure you can handle it?" you said casually. "Heck yeah, because I'm the hero!" Alfred screamed as he dragged you to the grocery store.

~Few days later~

"Ugh, I can't do it!" Alfred shouted in frustration as he tried to eat his salad…chicken-free. He glanced at you as you were shoveling the salad down your throat. Man, did you look cute with that expression and that piece of lettuce on the corner of your mouth. After you finished chewing, you asked, "What's wrong? You were doing so well until now." "It's been days and I haven't had a single burger!" he whined, "plus it's Christmas and we've done nothing today!" You responded, "Well, Mattie is coming over at 7 for dinner. What else do you want to do?" "I want a burger!" Alfred whined yet again. You huffed and said, "…Fine. I didn't want to give you this until later, but here it is." You went to Alfred's fridge and pulled something out of the freezer.  You handed the rectangular box to him and watched his eyes go wide as dish plates.

"OMG, dude! They sell vegetarian burger patties!?!" he hollered to you. You laughed at his excitement and said, "Yeah, you didn't know?" Alfred engulfed you in a hug and shrieked "Thank you" multiple times. You blushed at this display of affection. Matthew wasn't kidding when he told you that you'd probably fall for his twin brother easily. After that tender moment, you instructed Alfred to make his burger using the veggie patties. Boy, was it worth it to see him jump like a little kid in excitement.  When Alfred was done making the burger "hero-style", he sat at his dining table in awe. It looked so good and you couldn't even tell it was vegetarian. He glanced at you with hesitation, silently asking you if he would like this or not. You nodded back, telling him to go ahead and try.

Alfred carefully bit into the burger, chewing slowly so he could get used to the flavor.  In an instant, his eyes brightened and he exclaimed, "Hey, this is pretty good!" and resumed eating (more like ravaging) the burger. You cracked a small smile, happy to know that the one you admired also liked the foods you enjoyed. After Alfred was done, he took a giant sip from his soda (which seemed to appear out of nowhere) and sighed with content. "Honestly, that was one of the best burgers I've ever had, dude! You really have good taste in food, you know." he said. "Thanks!" you beamed at him and flushed. Then, an idea popped into his head and he smiled with mischief.

"You know….since you did get me a good burger for Christmas, I think I should give you your 2nd  Christmas present now," Alfred cooed as he sauntered towards you.  Your blush returned, heavier than before. Before you could stutter out words, Alfred captured your lips with his. The kiss matched his personality: warm, spontaneous and bold. Soon, Alfred broke away to regain his breath. You giggled in disbelief; was this really happening?

You were about to go for another kiss, but you heard a throat being cleared and it wasn't Alfred. You looked around for the source of the sound and saw a uncomfortable Matthew and an awkward Arthur standing in the doorway. After a few seconds, Matthew spoke, "Um…we decided to come early, but I…uh…I mean, we'll-we'll just come back later." Arthur nodded in agreement to Matthew. As soon as Matthew said the last word, the two flustered males dashed for the door, leaving you and Alfred to laugh and relish each other's warmth.
Happy Holidays everyone! I knew I was going to write a Christmas themed fanfic and here it is. A tribute to Mr. Hero himself~! Sorry for not being active lately, it's finals week at school. Luckily, I only have 2 left, so it's not a big deal anymore. I decided to make the reader a vegetarian because I'm a vegetarian myself and I never see fanfics where the reader is a herbivore like moi~. Anyways, I'm going to Disney World for winter break so I probably won't be on until the 31st. Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) You/America

Story (c) Me
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