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September 30, 2012
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You were sitting in a café, waiting for one of your good friends, Lovino "Romano" Vargas, to arrive. You never really got why he wanted people to call him that. He told you it reminded him of his late mother who made things with Romano cheese and tomatoes (his two favorite ingredients) a lot. He didn't really want people to call him "Tomato" (though his cousin, Antonio, did so anyways) so he stuck with Romano. Why this crossed your mind, you didn't know. Maybe it was because you had some feelings for the southern Italian man? Yes, you had feelings for him and you weren't going to lie to yourself about it, but you never could tell anyone else though.

As you were daydreaming, Romano had sat across from you, waiting for you to come out of your reverie. At first, he would bark at you to come out of them, but you just yelled back which caused many fights between you two. Then, Romano, being the gentleman he is, decided to stop yelling and just wait. He knew that you wouldn't take too long and besides he liked how you looked when you were lost in thought. Yes, he had feelings for you too but he wouldn't admit it or tell anyone, unlike you, but he had a plan to see if you felt the same way.

Like he expected, you had come out of your reverie and wordlessly signaled to him that you saw him. "Ciao," he mumbled bitterly under his breath. "Hey" you greeted back.  Romano mentally prepared himself for what he was about to say. 'Okay,' he thought, 'all I have to say is that I like Camille* and see if (Name) gets jealous or not. Simple.'  "Well, I-I need some help confessing to someone. It's Camille. I think she likes me too, so could you set us up," he said as fast as lightning. Though he said the words quickly, it still shattered your heart. 'Did he…he's blushing…and looking to the side…so he must…' you thought while trying to register what he said.

"Oh…I'll help you Romano." You said quickly to your pal. Romano nearly choked on the pizza you had ordered for him. He certainly didn't expect that response from you. He expected you to become extremely curious and jealous about his "crush". You flashed a worried look at him, but he just brushed it off and regained his composure.  

"Um…grazie. Well, I'll see you later. Ciao." And with that, Romano took off, not wanting to be in that tense area anymore.  You just sat there, obviously shell-shocked. 'I'm happy, but I'm so upset at the same time. No matter, I'll act happy in front of him so he doesn't feel bad about telling me.' You thought as you spaced out yet again. 'Why couldn't he love me? I mean, I'm not unattractive…' you mused.  Just then, your phone rang. You picked it up to find out Antonio, Romano's cousin and one of your best friends, was calling you. You answered, trying not to sound miserable to your somewhat oblivious friend. "Hello?" you said monotonously. "Hola chica! I was wondering, can you could come to the park to meet my new novia~? Gracias!" he said and with that he hung up.

You sighed. 'Well, might as well go to the park. At least some people in this world can get a girlfriend/boyfriend unlike me.' you brooded as you left the café and walked to the quaint park. You reached the park and looked around until you found Antonio. With him was his new girlfriend…Camille?! Apparently, Antonio saw you and waved you over. "Hola (Name)! You know Camille right? Well, we just started dating a month ago!" he exclaimed happily to you.  Camille just smiled at you and was blushing a rosy pink. You pushed back your confusion and said, "Congrats guys! I'm so happy for you guys!" "Dankje," Camille whispered to you while Antonio slung his arm around her and gave you a hug.

All of this relationship drama was getting to you so you excused yourself from the happy couple. Not that they minded, as they were being lovey-dovey to each other. On the outside you seemed calm, but on the inside, chaos controlled your mind. 'If Camille is in a relationship with Antonio, then Romano lied to me. But why?' you thought as you bumped into someone. You started to apologize and saw that it was Romano himself. "Oh hey, can I talk to you for a sec?" you said before he could run away. You wanted to tell Romano the bad news before he found out himself. "S-si," he said meekly.

You pulled him over to a nearby bench and said, "Well, Antonio just introduced me to his new girlfriend, and apparently it was Camille. I'm so sorry Romano, I knew you liked her but she didn't feel the same way…but don't worry! I'll fi-""Oh, shut up!" snapped Romano.  This took you by surprise. You knew about Romano's volatile personality, but he was never this angry towards you. "I knew they were dating long before you! The only reason I lied to you was to make you jealous! Don't tell me, you're clueless about that too! Well I lied to you because I like you! There, I said it! Save your rejection for later, I don't want it!" he spat at you.  

"Romano, wait!" you yelled as he started to walk away.  He looked in your direction, but didn't look you in the eyes. "I'm sorry for being so clueless all the time! I…I did feel jealous when you lied to me, but I held it in because I wanted you to be happy! I thought you really liked Camille! The truth is, I really do love you. Please don't leave me!" You choked out while you started to cry. Romano pulled you into an embrace, relishing the feeling of your body pressed against his. "Idiota," he mumbled into your hair, "you're such a clueless idiota, but you're my idiota now."
Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for my late update! I was being lazy and well, school was also dragging me down. This time my reader insert features Romano! Oh, he's such a cute little tsundere~. Anyways, *Camille is supposed to be Belgium in this story, and she says thank you in a dialect of Dutch (forgot what it was called...). Oh, Reader-tan is so cute in this story to me! I'm sorry for making her a Mary-Sue but I kinda had to. Hope you enjoy~!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) Me

You (c) You or Romano
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"But you're my idiota now."

Me: Psh, you wish! You're MY idiota!
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How Cute
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When Spain asked reader-Chan to meet his new girlfriend I was all, "ohhhhhhhhhhh! You better run, Romano. Shit-storm headed you way,"
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nay, i dont want to be your idiota.
you are my clueless idiota, get it straight.
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You tell him!
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