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October 21, 2012
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"All right! The Awesome Me is going to clean his awesome room to prove to West that I am capable of cleaning! Prepare to lose little bruder!" Prussia exclaimed as he raced to his room. Germany had used reverse psychology on his brother in order to get him to clean his room. With all the paperwork, babysitting Italy, and keeping the rest of his house clean, he didn't have time to clean the "Awesome One's Lair" as his brother put it. Usually, Prussia's ex-girlfriend, (Name) would clean it for him when they were together despite his protests, but they weren't together anymore after his brother messed up their relationship by going drinking with his friends and bringing a girl home. He knew that his brother missed her very badly, but his pride got in the way of mending their relationship. Luckily, Germany had a plan to solve that.

As Prussia strolled into his room, he stopped in shock. Was his room really that messy? Shrugging, Prussia got to work by shoveling the mold covered food into the garbage bag that Germany gave him and hummed "Disco Pogo" to keep him entertained. He didn't care what Austria said, that song was awesome!  Then, he started to pick up his uniforms when something glossy caught his ruby eyes. Dropping his clothes, he picked up the object to find out that it was a photo. Immediately, his mood went from being "awesome" to gloomy.  It was a photo of him and his ex-girlfriend, (Name). Both of them were laughing, and he was giving her a piggy back ride. He sighed and tried to think of other things, like the joy of annoying Hungary.

Prussia sat down on his bed and put one hand on it and felt something smooth. He looked at his hand and found out that he was covering another photo. He picked this one up and saw it was another one of him and (Name). This time, they were on the beach holding hands. He smiled, remembering the sunburn he got from not listening to (Name) who told him to put on sunscreen.  He still thought he was too awesome for that stuff.

Just then, Gilbird flew in and landed on Prussia's head. "Hey awesome little buddy," Prussia cooed to the yellow chick. "Cheep!" the bird said and dropped something onto his owner's lap. As Prussia expected, it was another photo of him and (Name). It was them kissing. It was taken at (Name)'s birthday party 2 years ago when he first asked her on a date. Prussia could feel his heart break as he saw the photo. He couldn't take it anymore. He finally admitted to himself that he wanted (Name) back. No amount of pride could stop him from doing so.

Prussia needed to get away from the nostalgic photos, so he trudged downstairs to the kitchen where Germany was making dinner.  "You couldn't do it, big bruder?" Germany inquired while chopping potatoes. "Nein…I mean yes! Yes I can! It's just that I thought I deserved an awesome break!" Prussia chirped like nothing was wrong. "Oh? Why do you have a photo of (Name) in your hand?" Germany asked with a ghost of a smile on his lips. His plan was coming into play. Prussia looked down and cursed under his breath. Germany was right; he did have a photo of her!

"Uh…well…it's just that…I wanted to throw the photo away! Ja! I mean, why would I, the Awesome One, trouble myself with the unawesome past?" Prussia rambled nervously. Germany sighed and turned to face his brother. "Look, bruder, I can tell you're lying. I'm not Italy," Germany whispered softly. Prussia ran a hand through his lustrous white hair and mumbled, "Ok, you caught me. It's just that…I'm too awesome to go back to her! I mean, I'm the Awesome Prussia, I don't go back to people, especially not on romantic terms!"

Germany put a hand on the older, yet shorter, sibling's shoulder and said, "With that attitude, you'll never get anywhere in life.  I'm not just saying that, you've experienced it. That's why you're now a…an ex-country." Prussia cringed at the last part and was about to retort with his usual remark when he stopped and said, "You're right." He chuckled and continued, "I never thought I would get relationship advice from my little brother." Germany became flustered and said, "It's not romantic advice! It's advice for…life." "Oi, West! You're blushing!" Prussia hollered while laughing his raspy laugh.

Then Prussia said solemnly, "But seriously, danke. You really do keep me in check." Germany was taken aback at his brother's maturity. "Um, you're welcome." he mumbled awkwardly. "Well, I better get going!" Prussia exclaimed finally. He went to grab his car keys when he stopped and said, "Wait! I don't know where she lives!" Germany facepalmed. They were together for 2 years and he didn't know where she lived? He sighed and said, "Just go to the park. I'll tell (Name) to come also." "Ok thanks!" Prussia said and ran to the garage, eager to see his former lover again.

~To the park!~

Prussia skipped happily in the park, knowing in a few moments that he would be reunited with (Name) again. Life was never better. He was about to jump for joy from all the happiness but he stopped himself with a few ghastly thoughts. What if she had found someone else? What if she didn't want to come back? First of all, he couldn't just demand her to become his awesome princess again, she'd probably slap him. Then, he realized that he didn't have anything to present to her. Cursing at his irresponsibility, he quickly gathered some blue cornflowers from the nearby flower garden and searched his pockets for some sort of ribbon or rubber band.  Fortunately, he found a rubber band in his back pocket and quickly tied it around the flowers. While he was doing so, he heard a small voice whisper, "Prussia?"

He whipped his head around and found (Name) looking lovely as ever in a beautiful stripped dress. "Oh! Hi (Name)," Prussia said awkwardly while giving her the flowers. She carefully took them stared at him intently.  Prussia chuckled sheepishly and said, "So, how have you been?" (Name) didn't beat around the bush and said, "You want to get back together with me, don't you?" Prussia was surprised at her unusual bold statement and meekly whispered, "J-ja."

Prussia expected her to reject him very sweetly and shyly but she did something even more surprising. She slapped him and then hugged him tightly. (Name) started to sob into his leather jacket and said, "You idiot. Why?" Prussia, being very confused at the moment let out a very unintelligent "Huh?" (Name) looked up at him with tears blurring her eyes and said, "If you missed me, then why didn't you say so? Germany told me everything. I wanted to reconcile with you, but I couldn't.  You know me; once I'm hurt, I distance myself from people. I tried to contact you, but I couldn't do it." "I…my pride got to me mein Hasi, I'm very sorry. I made a big mistake by bringing that girl home. I honestly don't know what I was thinking.  I promise, you are the only girl for me," confessed Prussia.  

Prussia wrapped his arms around the sobbing girl and soothingly cooed, "Shh…it's ok. It's all over now." Eventually her sobs died down and he planted a tender kiss on her lips. She smiled at him and said, "I love you. I will never leave you."  Prussia smiled gently and said, "Ich liebe dich auch." For the first time in his life, he didn't mind crushing his pride for love.

~Extended Ending!~


"Yes, my awesome princess?"

"You do realize that Germany planned all of this right? He was the one that put the photos in your room. That's why he challenged you to clean your room. "

"Was?! Why that little-! No one tricks the awesome Prussia! Wanna help me get revenge?"

"Sure, why not?"
Hallo guys! As you can see, I got a chance to upload another fanfic. This time it features Mr. Awesome himself! For the next fanfic, I've decided to write about Mr. Switzy! Got any ideas? I don't because I barely know the guy and could use some helpful descriptions about him. I'll try to have a preview of the upcoming fanfic posted around my birthday (Oct. 26) but I can't gurantee anything. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this fanfic! Au revoir!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) Me

You (c) You/Prussia but most likely Prussia

Edit: Here is the journal entry that contains the preview of my SwitzerlandxReader if anyone wants to read it: [link]
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