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November 3, 2012
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"Lilli, may I talk to you for a second?" asked Vash, a foreign exchange student from Switzerland. He was studying at (your school name) as a senior to see what the education system was like in (your country).  Since he was very protective of his sister, he brought her along so he could make sure that she was safe.

"What is it, big brother?" she inquired sweetly. Vash looked at her and asked, "Who is it that you walk with every day Lilli? I don't want you to walk with strangers."  "Oh, that's (Name). She's the tutor I was telling you about. She's the one helping me adjust to the schooling system here. She's in your grade and she's really nice. (Name)'s a lot like you too. She cares about me and she's like a big sister to me." Lilli said cordially to her brother.

   "I don't want you to get too attached to her, ok? I don't know her very well, so I don't trust her that much. Besides, after I complete this school year, we'll go back to Switzerland to live with Oma and Opa again." he said swiftly to his sister.  Lilli's eyes were filled with sadness, but she did her best to hide it from her voice. "Ok, big brother." she said before she went back to do her homework. Vash sighed and said, "All right, you can still be friends with her, but I want to see if she's trustworthy first, ok?" Lilli's turquoise eyes brightened and she said, "Ok, thank you big brother!" Vash just grunted as a response, determined not to let Lilli see his blush.

  "You're welcome. Now, go do your homework, " he mumbled quickly. Lilli went back to her room in the small 2 bedroom apartment. When Vash came over to (your country), multiple families offered to let him stay with them. He politely declined because he didn't want Lilli to get close to them. Since he was already 18, he rented an apartment that was close to his and Lilli's school. Since he came from a rich background, he didn't have to pay the rent at all. His parents (who were engineers) paid it for him. He didn't want to feel like a burden, so he was very careful with his money and taught Lilli to be so also. He was content with his situation and so was Lilli. It was a very good life for a foreign exchange student and his 14 year old sister.

While Vash was thinking about his situation, Lilli had called (Name) to see when she could meet his brother.  "Big brother? I called (Name) to ask if she could come over tomorrow and she said it was ok with her.  Is it ok with you?" she asked nervously, hoping he would say yes.  Fortunately, he did.  Lilli's mood brightened even more. "Don't worry! I'm sure you'll like her!" she said enthusiastically. He sighed and thought, 'I hope so Lilli, I hope so.'

~The Next Day~

Vash came home from school, exhausted. He had to deal with the other foreign exchange students, mostly Francis, the student from France, making disgusting comments about the girls in his grade.  Why did so many people in this world have to be idiots? He was about to fall asleep on the couch when he remembered that Lilli was bringing her tutor over today.  Quickly, he made sure the apartment didn't look too shabby and set out some food for the guest. He also got out his gun and stuck it in his back pocket so if this tutor tried anything, he'd be ready for her. Not a second later, he heard a knock on the front door. He went to open it and saw that it was only Lilli. He was about to ask where her tutor was when she said, "She's coming. She had something to do at home so she'll be here in 15 minutes." Vash just nodded, anxiously waiting for her. What was she like? Why did Lilli like her so much?

A few moments later, there was another knock on the door.  Vash opened the door and this time it was Lilli's tutor. She had (h/c) locks and warm (e/c) eyes that glistened in the sunlight. She was holding a white box with some red string around it and had a few books in her hand. "Hello," she said shyly, "My name's (Name) and I'm Lilli's tutor. May I come in?" Vash nodded slightly and was very aware of the rosy blush that painted his face.  He had a lot of experience talking to girls back in Switzerland, why was so speechless now?

She stepped in and immediately looked around, drinking in her surroundings with her eyes and said, "You have a beautiful home." She held out the box and said, "I made some cookies for you and Lilli."  Vash replied with a quick thank you, took the cookies and sat down, gesturing to (Name) to do the same.  Not a moment later, Lilli came into the living room and smiled happily. "(Name), you're here! (Name) this is my big brother, Vash.  Big brother, this is (Name). She has been tutoring me since school started. She comes over to my school every day after high school is over just so she can help me understand the curriculum and homework." Vash nodded and finally found his voice.  "It's a pleasure to meet you.  Lilli said that you also attend (school name). Is this true?"  

(Name) nodded shyly and said, "Yes, I've seen you around before. You're very popular." Vash was bewildered. Was he really? Lilli giggled and said, "I don't find that hard to believe. A lot of girls liked him back in Switzerland also!" Vash tried to wordlessly signal to Lilli to be quiet, but it was in vain.  She kept on rambling about Vash's personal life. She could be a real chatterbox when she wanted to.  

Vash finally cleared his throat and Lilli got the message and excused herself. (Name) giggled and said, "Wow, I've never seen that side of her before." Vash curtly replied, "Well, you don't know her that well so obviously you haven't." (Name) felt the hostility in his remark and apologized for her behavior. There was an awkward silence in the room after (Name) had apologized. Then she timidly said, "You know, Lilli told me a lot about you. I can tell that she admires you and I do too. I wish I was that protective."

Vash blushed and said, "Thank you. I…I apologize for my snide remark earlier. It's just that, when we adopted Lilli when she was 9, she had gone through a rough life. I really do love her a lot and I don't want her to get hurt again so I'm very protective of her and what she does."  (Name) didn't know what to say. She didn't know this about Lilli. Judging from her cordial personality, she thought that she had a very sweet childhood. "Oh…I didn't know. I'm sorry for acting like I knew her very well. I obviously don't. I-I'll be going now."

(Name) started to get up to leave, but she stopped and said, "Oh! I almost forgot! Here are some books for Lilli that will help her even more with school. She's very good at Algebra but she's a bit lacking in English so I brought her some books to help her with that subject. I'll be going now." Right as she was about to leave, Vash put a hand on the girl's shoulder to stop her. She turned back to face him, slightly pink from the unexpected touch and said, "Yes? What is it, Mr. Zwingli?" Vash averted his eyes and said, "Um…well…at first I was skeptical about you tutoring my sister, but now I believe in your skills. You can continue tutoring her and…you're welcome to visit anytime. And please, call me Vash." (Name) smiled and said, "Thank you, Vash; it's an honor tutoring your sister. Goodbye." Vash mumbled a goodbye also and with that she left.

Vash turned around to see Lilli with a small smile on her face and said, "No need to thank me. It's the least I could after you made me 12 sets of…pink pajamas." She shook her head and said, "No it's not that…you like her don't you?" Vash blushed a deep shade of scarlet and whispered, "Ja…maybe I do…"
Hello all! As you can see, I have now made a SwitzerlandxReader. I feel accomplished! I hope I got him in character and whatnot. It's my first time writing for him so...also I hope the story wasn't too long. This is my longest yet (by word count). Oh, and Oma and Opa mean grandma and grandpa in German. I'm thinking of making this a two-shot. Should I? Leave your input in the comments below! I hope you liked my story!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) Me
You (c) You

Here's Part 2: [link]

Hey guys, someone else is continuing the series for me! This is not my work, but purely a continuation of it. :iconnightwing6497: owns this piece of literature! [link]
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