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July 25, 2012
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'Ow, I fell again. Silly me.' I thought to myself as I picked up my books and straightened out my uniform. My friend, Kiku, picked up the remainder of my books and asked, "(Name)-san, are you all right?" I nodded and replied, "Yeah! I didn't get hurt or anything." As we reached the end of the hall, I turned to him and said, "Thanks for walking me to class. I hope I don't make you late or anything." He shook his head and said, "Hai, it's not a problem. I won't be late because my class is in the room across from yours, remember?" I let out a small 'Oh' and Kiku chuckled and said, "See you later, (Name)-san" and walked out the door.

~Kiku's POV~

How could (Name)-san be so cheerful? So many bad things had happened to her before. She's lost her family and she has to work 2 jobs to support herself, but every time I ask her if she needs my family to help her or not, she brushes it off with a cheerful smile.  It's not that I don't like her cheerful attitude…in fact I like it very much. Even more than the cherry blossoms of my homeland, Japan, but I could never tell that to her. I could never tell her that I would actually let her hug me, hold my hands, or even kiss me. I felt my cheeks heat up as I sat down in my seat. I shook my head a bit to clear my thoughts and said hello to a fellow classmate of mine and got out my notebook to take notes of my favorite subject: mathematics. I sighed inwardly wishing I could be there to protect her from any more harm. Little did I know about the events that were to come.


Today, I had offered to help (Name)-san with some of her homework. She was so busy supporting herself that she barely has time to do her homework. Nevertheless, she still has good grades. I walked to her apartment with my book bag and some flowers. It was my first time visiting her house so I thought I should bring her something. They weren't just any flowers. They were the one and only sakura that I love dearly. I thought that (Name)-san deserved the best flowers in the world, so I brought her these. I knocked on her door and after a few seconds, I saw (Name)-san open the door, smiling her beautiful smile, but something was off. "Hello, Kiku. Come inside," she said softly as she ushered me inside. I took off my shoes and stepped inside her house. The apartment was very neat. It had 2 bean bag chairs, a coffee table and a small TV inside the living room. Down the hall was the bathroom and what I presumed was (Name)-san's bedroom. A few steps to my right was the kitchen. Overall, it was very neat and comfy. "After my parents died, I lived with my grandma for a few years. Then, she died too and she left me with her fortune which was quite a lot. I was reluctant to spend it but I had to so I could buy the things for this apartment. I didn't need to spend too much and I did get some money from selling her things. After that happened, I sold the house because it was too much for me. Then I rented this apartment and the landlady was nice and lowered my rent to only $350 per month. Though I still have more than enough money to pay the rent for quite a while, I figured it was best to get some jobs to have some money in case of emergencies. I'm grateful for my grandma but I feel lonely and lost without her and my parents…" she explained to me in a soft whisper.

I felt myself tear up a bit at this. She had lost her grandmother too? I couldn't even begin to imagine the pain she had gone through. I couldn't go one day without my parents or my grandmother. Then, as I expected, she bounced back from her depressed state and exclaimed, "Well, we should get started now!" and dashed into the living room. I sighed a bit and got out my textbooks to start this study session.

~Your POV~

As I dashed into the living room, I could feel myself tear up a bit. Today was the day that I had lost my parents to a car crash. On top of that, my grandmother died today too because of old age. This day is so very painful for me but I couldn't let Kiku see me in a depressed state. How could I let the boy I like see me in such a state? Yes, I do admit that I have developed some feelings for the Japanese boy ever since we became friends. I wanted to be cute and sweet like those girls in the anime(s) he watches in order to impress him. Even if today is a day of tragedies for me, I still have to appear that way towards him. So, quickly, without him noticing, I wiped my face with my sleeve and got out my homework, ready to study.


We had started with the math homework because it was Kiku's favorite subject. Usually, I'm pretty good at solving problems, but alas, my mini depression was preventing from doing so.  I had drifted off into my own world and started thinking about my parents.  "…(Name)-san? (Name)-san, are you all right?" Kiku's lovely voice brought me out of my daydream. I shook my head a little and looked at him. Worry was written all over his beautiful face. "What is wrong, (Name)-san? You're usually very focused but today you seem…troubled. Is everything all right?" he inquired, scooting a millimeter closer to me.  I sighed and thought to myself, 'Well, he's going to have to know sooner or later' and whispered, "Today was the day that both my parents and grandmother died. It's a really sad day for me and I'm sorry that I'm troubling you. I don't want to waste your time anymore, so I'll get back to work, I promise." During my explanation, I had started to cry and it was gradually getting stronger.  Suddenly, Kiku did something that surprised me. He enveloped me in a hug. My eyes widened in shock and I hugged back. Then, he cooed softly in my ear, "Don't worry, (Name). I won't let anything else happen to you. I'll protect you from every harm, be it mentally or physically. I promise. Aishiteru, (Name)." I blushed crimson and looked at Kiku, who was blushing equally and was looking to the side. I smiled softly and said, "I love you too." He looked at me and smiled brightly while his coffee brown eyes sparkled in happiness. I put my face in the crook of his neck and smile while he kissed the top of my head. Once again, I had someone truly special in my life and I don't plan on losing him anytime soon.
Yay, it's finally up! My first JapanxReader! I made this as a token of appreciation for :iconswiftninja91: because she's an amazing writer and artist and I wanted to show her how much I admire her. I hope you like this and enjoy it as well as other people who read it. Well, ciao for now~!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) :iconcutejapanplz:

Story (c) Me
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SO CUTE!!!Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Neko Girl) [V5] 
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